Apex Power Tools is part of the Apex Tool Group and represents one of the most diverse families of products in the manufacturing industry, comprising global brands such as Apex, Cleco, Dotco, and Recoules-Quackenbush. Our products serve several different markets, including aerospace, automotive, energy, and other product assembly industries. From fastening and material removal tools to sophisticated drilling equipment, our products are used in quality- and safety-critical applications around the world.

Based in Lexington, South Carolina, and with Headquarters for EMEA in Westhausen, Germany, Apex Power Tools operates a worldwide network of manufacturing and sales/service facilities, employing more than 1, 500 staff members in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We are adept at meeting the technical challenges faced by today’s manufacturers, and we specialize in products that deliver value through superior functionality, ergonomics, and long-term performance.

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  • Frezos ir grąžtai
  • Assembly tools
  • Pneumatic assembly tools
  • Installation mandrels
  • Screwdriver control
  • grinders
  • unblocking pipes
  • Portable power drills
  • electric tools
  • compressed-air motors

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