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E. Dold & Söhne KG - Solutions for automation E. Dold & Söhne KG is an internationally operating medium-sized family enterprise. It develops, manufactures and sells high-quality components along with complete solutions in the area of safe automation for facility and machine building worldwide. DOLD has successfully managed to undergo continuous development: from paving the way as a pioneer in relay technology to being the leading industry representative for functional safety, electrical safety and drive technology in Europe. DOLD products are successfully utilized whenever people, machines or equipment must be protected from damage and whenever productivity requires enhancement. For example, safety switching devices such as standstill, speed monitors and radio controlled emergency stop systems ensure the quick and dependable deactivation of facilities during hazardous situations for practically any industry. Safety switch and trapped key interlock systems allow for the wireless safeguarding of safety doors. Innovative monitoring solutions such as insulation monitors ensure high availability and guarantee that facilities are electrically protected.

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