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ELESA+GANTER is a worldwide sales joint-venture set-up to offer the widest product range of standard machine elements for the mechanical industry. Highly reliable products ensuring perfect functionality with a unique design represents the ELESA+GANTER distinctive quality code. Stock availability on site ensures local customers receive standard elements with reduced delivery times whilst providing timely and reliable answers. Over 80, 000 product codes distributed in more than 70 industrialised countries with local presence and the highest technical consultancy. The products available are e.g. handwheels, knobs, clamping levers, handles, control elements, rotary controls, indexing elements, machine elements, joints, levelling elements, hinges, latches, toggle clamps, breather caps, tube clamp connectors, castors and wheels, retaining magnets, conveyor components, linear motion components and many more.

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ELECOLORS standard parts


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    11 – 50
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    1 – 10


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Su šia įmone susieti raktiniai žodžiai

  • Šarnyrai
  • Jungiamosios vamzdynų detalės (vamzdžių, vamzdelių, žarnų), plastmasinės
  • Fork heads
  • Plate punching machines
  • Door Lock Systems
  • lever lockings
  • toggle latches
  • Plastic pipe connection pieces (fittings)
  • Retaining magnets
  • Position indicators