Elster GmbH, Kromschröder Osnabrück is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting-edge products and system solutions for safeguarding, measuring and controlling gases. With domestic and commercial gas meters, as well as safety valves and control components for heating equipment and for industrial use, the company offers a wide range of services, supported by a global sales and service organisation. Elster GmbH occupies a leading position in international competition. The range covers gas meters for domestic households and commercial premises, safety valves and control unit components for heating systems as well as systems for measuring and controlling industrial heating processes. With a large number of service support centres, sales outlets and production sites worldwide, we are a reliable partner for our industry, commerce and energy supply customers.

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  • Regelungstechnik und Verbrennungstechnik für Heizwärme mit Komfort
  • Vollelektronische Verbrennungsregelung für vormischende Brenner
  • Heizungsregelung Comfort Controls

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  • Šiluminio apdorojimo krosnys
  • Dujotiekio fasoninė armatūra
  • Ultragarsinė matavimo įranga
  • Control engineering and combustion technology
  • Components for industrial furnaces
  • pressure switches
  • Control engineering
  • Heating installation control units
  • Switchgears for industrial furnaces
  • Control technology
  • burner control systems
  • Automatic firing devices
  • Flame monitoring systems
  • Gas pressure control units
  • temperature monitors
  • Gas control systems
  • Ionisation flame monitors
  • Turbine gas meters
  • Calibration gas systems
  • threshold switches
  • Gas meters
  • piece counters
  • gas systems
  • industrial gas analyser
  • Gas measurement equipment
  • remote meter reading
  • mechanical counters
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