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The web-to-print specialist ETIC France has rolled out its new vision of how B2B web-to-print can work, operating from over 55 sites across France and Europe. French and international multi-site businesses can use the EPS interface to integrate all their documents: from business cards to brochures, flyers, product specification sheets, A4 invoices, envelopes, continuous-feed rolls, order books to labels.ETIC France has a 28-year track record in protecting documents, labels and integrated products as well as in printing 2D and 3D holograms, custom holographic film, microtext, invisible inks and latent words for all your documents.

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  • Film Holographique

  • Micro textes

Su šia įmone susieti raktiniai žodžiai

  • Spauda
  • protected documents
  • protected papers
  • protected labels
  • documents protected
  • web-to-print
  • print platform
  • protected diplomas
  • protected A4 documents
  • on-line printing platform
  • integrated labels
  • protected vehicle stickers
  • Web2print
  • heat-sensitive ink
  • contisnap
  • online business cards
  • sterilisation labels
  • print
  • holograms
  • printer servers
  • computerised printing on various media
  • Printing on all media
  • online printing
  • checking the authenticity of documents
  • presses
  • printing services
  • On line printing
  • Holographic film
  • holographic printing
  • printing with fluorescent inks

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