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Our company GB TRADE & LOGISTICS, which operates in the land, air, and sea transportation, was established in Izmir. GB Logistics, which adopts the principle of gaining customer satisfaction by offering the best quality service in the most economical conditions with its vast supply network, responds to the foreign trade and logistics demands of companies with its expert staff. GB Trade & Logistics continues to invest in human resources and technology by taking advantage of globalization’s automation and digitalization opportunities. In this direction, it organizes all logistics services required by its customers in line with the expectations and needs of its customers and produces complete unique solutions. GB Trade & Logistics will strive to benefit from our group’s management resources, develop our products and services further and improve our corporate value. In addition to our logistic services, we have sourcing service for our customers who seek to import any kind of goods from Turkey. We have many manufacturers in our portfolio especially in packaging, construction and textile sectors. To inform as many people as possible about our vision for the future, we have developed a new corporate message: "EVOLVE YOUR DREAMS" Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information !

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