Speciality Hein Chemische Verfahrenstechnik About Hein-Chemie• We have been active on the market since 1995 and boast many years of experience and top expertise• We only use products which have been developed and manufactured in-house • Our top quality products and processes are reliable and reproducible Together with our qualified employees, we only make water treatment products – but we do it perfectly Our products have been developed and optimised based on practical use• Our solution concepts are based on the analysis of water probes and the data determined from these We will eliminate your waste water problems in a targeted manner and with comparably low quantities •Our greatest strength is diagnosing problems and specifically selecting the right product We also supply dosing technology and compete water treatment systems in any dimension

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  • Der Komplex Hein Chemie GmbH

  • Gestapeltes Equipment staubfrei

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  • Nuotekų perdirbimas
  • Vandens gerinimo produktai
  • Absorption agents for spilled liquids
  • Sewage treatment agents
  • Emulsion separating agents
  • Precipitating agents for water purification
  • Cleaning agent for removing graffiti
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Chemicals for water treatment products
  • Drinking water treatment chemicals
  • Water treatment plants for the drinks industry
  • Water treatment products for industrial water
  • Water treatment products for boiler feed water
  • Water treatment accessories
  • Water treatment systems for the meat industry
  • Water treatment systems for the drinks industry
  • Coagulants
  • chemical products for water treatment

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