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The company HELLENIC CANDLES has been operating since 1977, when the candle craft industry was founded.
Since then, through the purchase of new and modern machinery and continuous development of the production methods with experienced employed staff, the company has moved from traditional to modern manufacturing fully satisfying consumer preferences from a vast selection of candles.
HELLENIC CANDLES, at the same time remains a family run business continuing the tradition of over four decades.

The company produces unique creations of.:
✓ Aromatic candles
✓ Decorative candles
✓ Artistic candle
✓ Baptism candles
✓ Candles in glasses
✓ Ceremonial candles
✓ Church candles
✓ Colored candles
✓ Decorative candles
✓ Easter candles
✓ Funeral candles
✓ Natural candles
✓ Ornamental candles
✓ Palm wax candles
✓ Perfumed candles
✓ Ritual candles
✓ Soy candles
✓ Scented candles
✓ Vegetable wax candles
✓ Votive candles
✓ Wedding candles

From 2015, the company has proceeded to manufacture herbal aromatic candles. The candles are Eco-friendly, naturally produced from palm and soy and with absolute respect
for the environment and humanity.

Looking to find buyers in Romania, Russia, Canada and USA

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