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Amesko is located in Szczytkowice, in dolnośląskie voivodeship. The decision-makers are Leokadia Skóra and Monika Skóra-Szydłowska. For over 20 years we have been manufacturing pallets and wooden packaging. Our wooden products are manufactured in accordance with our Customers' wishes.

The preparation of appropriate pallets and packaging is possible thanks to a well-equipped workshop. The wood is stored in a wood drying room which meets all the phytosanitary requirements. In this way, we make sure that each product component is of the highest quality.

Our offer includes, among others:
- disposable pallets,
- CP chemical pallets,
- IPPC pallets,
- frames,
- packaging,
- wooden crates.

We offer standard size pallets, but we can also deliver a custom order on Customer request .

We also sell used pallets in a very good condition. They are distinguished by their low price and high workmanship standards. This is a good way to save money and utilise used materials.

Woodworking is done by our employees, who take care of every detail of the construction elements.

We ship our products both domestically and abroad using five truck sets with trailers, which can carry loads of up to 24 tons (the equivalent of 39 europallets). The products are protected by a tarpaulin, while the installed side boards allow easy loading and unloading.

Feel free to contact us and visit our website. We are based in Szczytkowice.

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