The historical tradition of the Rino Mastrotto Group has been consolidated over the years. In 1998 it asserted itself as a prestigious international brand from Italy to Brazil and from Spain to China that is founded on a time-honoured art and a strategic vision of the future. Underlying this entrepreneurial model is its constant commitment to reliability, entrepreneurial skill, research, styling innovation, environmental consciousness and managerial and financial capacity. By managing its production divisions and controlled companies, structured as a network, Rino Mastrotto Group covers the full cycle from tanning, procurement of duly selected raw materials, to the specialized production of products that meet all the market's requirements.

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  • leather for cars
  • leather trading for clothing
  • leather sales for automobiles
  • trading in leather for cars
  • leather for car interiors
  • sales of leather for decoration
  • trading in leather for leather goods
  • leather sales for the upholstery sector
  • cowhide for leather goods
  • car upholstery leather
  • tanned cowhide
  • leather sales for leather goods
  • leather sales for the automobile sector
  • sales of leather for clothing
  • trading in leather for furnishing
  • clothing-grade leather trading
  • leather trading for the automobile sector
  • trading in leather for footwear
  • shoe leather
  • cowhides for clothing and accessories
  • tanned hides and leather
  • skins
  • tanneries
  • supplies for leather goods
  • patent cowhide
  • tanned hides for technical and industrial use
  • suede-finish cowhides
  • ox hides for furnishings
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