SEC is the leading manufacturer of container lashing equipment on today's market. We are the market leader thanks to our perfect combination of in-house design and engineering equipment which, together with our unique understanding of manufacturing and services, mean that SEC is the number one top quality partner for shipyards and ship owners. SEC can be your partner for planning construction projects. In addition to supplying hardware, we can provide a large number of services to help ship owners to find the safest and most efficient solution. Whether we are approached by shipyards or ship owners, SEC can develop concepts and turnkey solutions from the very beginning. The SEC way of thinking is to build the ship around the loading solution. The SEC network of companies, partners and shareholders ensures the best service for our customers all over the world.

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  • capstans
  • Metal fastening elements
  • Fastening technology
  • Container lashing material
  • Load securing advice
  • Load securing equipment
  • Load securing nets for containers
  • Load securing systems
  • Load securing systems for containers
  • Anchors for ships
  • Boating equipment
  • Technical marine equipment
  • Shipbuilding requirements
  • Cable winches
  • Lashing straps for securing loads
  • clamping systems
  • tarpaulins for containers
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