SINA SERRATURE S.R.L., founded in 1973, manufactures 72 mm centre safety locks with CE mark in accordance with EN 12209 standards, anti-panic/emergency locks, 72 mm centre safety locks with all components in stainless steel. 70 - 72 - 90 mm centre patent locks, 70 - 85 - 90 mm centre cylinder locks, cylinder for locks. The company's production is aimed at both the Italian and international markets, and easily adapts to the needs of the market it operates in. Constant technological evolution allows it to closely follow the requirements of all customers, with whom it has established solid relationships of mutual trust. ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. SINA SERRATURE aims to provide strongly customer-focused services, improving processes by investing in development: more in particular, the company wants to implement policies allowing for the continuous monitoring of customer complaints, with a view to increase customer satisfaction.

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  • Įsteigimo metai 1973
  • Bendrovės statusas Bendrovės statusas Buveinė, Pagrindinė bendrovė
  • Pagrindinė veikla Pagrindinė veikla Gamintojas

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  • Spynos
  • certified ec-en 12209 locks
  • wholesale locks
  • patented locks
  • lock production
  • emergency locks
  • anti-panic locks
  • security locks
  • stainless steel locks
  • lock cylinders
  • door and window locks for construction work
  • cylinder safety locks
  • inlaid locks
  • window shutters
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