TAPPI STAMPATI S.R.L. - Since 1972 we have been designing and manufacturing caps and filler necks for fuel tanks


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We design and manufacture fuel tank caps, mechanical level gauge caps, flush-mount plastic niches and fuel filling systems exclusively in Italy. We also have a wide range of spare fuel tank caps. The experience and professionalism with which we have designed and researched technical innovations has cemented our place as a benchmark in our industry, both at national and international level.

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Tappi Stampati: 50 years of experience and innovation

Tappi Stampati 50th Anniversary ・ 2022-04-26 daugiau Open In New icon

A long history that began with a passion for two wheels and attention to details. A story that has led us to specialize in the component that every biker sees as soon as he gets on the motorcycle: the gas cap. Everything started from there, with some ideas, a lot of creativity and the will to build a venture. It is the same enthusiasm that has driven us to face the new challenges, expanding our market to many other industrial sectors, as a confirmation of the validity and quality of our products. The fiftieth year of activity is a prestigious anniversary that marks the achievement of an important goal and above all represents an incentive to continue to do ever better


Fuel tank cap fastening sequence on bayonet filler neck Tappi Stampati

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