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UAB Termo langai was founded in 2010 and has been successfully developing sales of windows, doors and garage door systems since then. Having started our activities during the hard times, we have gained experience and competitive advantages that have led us to recognition and trust by our clients. As a result, we are proud of the achieved results that are based on long-term relationships with clients and their recommendations. We pay special attention to customers' needs and their satisfaction with respect to the desires and possibilities of each customer. In this way, we are trying to provide our clients with the most suitable products with the best quality and price solution. However, the main objective is the quality of market production and works. That is why we represent only reliable and well-known manufacturers from Lithuania and other European countries. Our partners ensure that their products meet the highest quality requirements and they can be used in Lithuania. This is approved by CE marking that indicates that the manufacturer or importer claims compliance with the relevant EU legislation applicable to a product. We also provide a client with a possibility to obtain the best solution when ordering different production at the same place. We offer a free consultation with a specialist, prepare a project of goods and a pricelist, take care of the delivery and mounting as well as maintenance. This is a quick solution for your home cosiness and safety at high quality.

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