We are at your service as professional experts for customised solutions in mineral-insulated thermal components, thermal conductors and heating cables, heat tracings, as well as for individual heating applications. We manufacture tailor-made products in accordance with your technical specifications and provide real skill in highly specialised applications in industry and research up to a temperature of 1000 °C. Thanks to our employees having over 25 years of experience you can rest assured knowing you are in capable hands. Everything we do, we do with passion! Premium quality. Individual. On time. Dotting the i's: The entire team has a feeling, not just for the technical side, but also for the interpersonal side which means that we understand what our customers tell us and what they expect. Thus, we can satisfy all your quality requirements.

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  • Šildymo pramoniniai įrengimai
  • Pirometriniai jutikliai
  • Electric heating elements
  • Resistance thermometers
  • Heating conductor material
  • High-temperature bearings
  • infra-red radiators
  • cables
  • radiator panel
  • heating radiators
  • Heating platens for hydraulic presses
  • industrial radiant panels
  • electric air heaters for industrial use
  • Heating systems, electric, for industrial purposes
  • Thermocouple lines
  • Heating cables for pipework
  • heater cables, thermoresistors
  • Thermocables

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