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Kosmart is not just a brand, which suggests full line of hair accessories. Kosmart is made to help every woman set her imagination free and express herself in the way she wants to feel and be seen. Kosmart concept states that beauty is in the details and the brand tries to provide these unconventional Hand Made detailes to You! Our manufacturing facilities is located in France and Lithuania, where careful and precise work in designing and creating hair accessories is made by a professional craftsmen. Our packaging, handling and distribution center is located in EU (Lithuania) in order to make more efficient shipping to all Europe, Asia and USA All our partners are welcome to use our existing brand name Kosmart with ready to use all marketing material and brand awareness or we can also suggest you creating a brand solely for you. In case you decide to create you own brand and use our services only for manufacturing products we are able to support you in many ways - We manufacture all kinds of items for your product range, which includes: hair jaws, hair barrettes, hair snaps, headbands, hair pins, hair combs, hair bannanas, bracelets, earrings and etc. We will use highest quality materials from France and Italy. You can send us a picture or a sketch drawing of the item you would like to make and we will do our best to manufacture all the items that you want and in the way that you want.

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