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Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai - Importas–eksportas



    Production and trade of high-quality, natural, certified EU Organic products. We offer full private labelling services and bulk supplies. Since 2009, Alpi Investment is engaged in the production and trade of high-quality natural products. Natural products are the basis of our company philosophy. We work only with the best natural ingredients and rely on producers of raw materials, whose quality has been proven over the years. We hope to contribute to the development of regions for which agriculture is essential and encouraging them to produce more and better products. We manage our own manufacturing facilities and own several registered brands, amongst others Alpi Nature and Idda Herbal. Our production and warehousing are certified EU organic (BG-BIO-22). In compliance with the highest quality standards, the entire production process is strictly controlled. Since our foundation, we have built up extensive experience in the selection, procurement, quality control, packaging, B2B and B2C distribution of our broad product offering. We offer full private labelling service. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Sevarome's activities are centred around the creation and production of sweet food flavourings (vanilla, coffee, lemon, strawberry, spices, fruits, flowers, specialities), savoury food flavourings (sauce starters and seasonings), nut-based preparations (pistachios, hazelnuts, seasoned mixes), other ingredients (vanilla pods, food colourings, stabilisers, thickening agents, etc.). Food flavourings for the manufacture of high-end food products, we work with the leading chefs and market the best applications so ensure you have the best success. Our philosophy is a passion for flavour, results and customer satisfaction. SEVAROME: French creation and production of food flavourings for ice cream, food flavourings for sorbets, food flavourings for chocolate, food flavourings for health products, food flavourings for tea, food flavourings for coffee, food flavourings for infusions, flavourings and natural flavourings, food colourings.

  3. MADAR


    With almost 30 years of tradition, MaDar is a food wholesaler from Poland. We supply our products to various industries such as grocery stores, restaurants, companies with different profiles, institutions, and private individuals. We aim to deliver our products with the highest quality at the best price to reach 100 % customer satisfaction. Therefore, you will find a wide selection of excellent food products with us. We have a wide product portfolio, such as: •Pasta, •Processed and canned meat, •Graines, •Different types of flour, •Dairy products, •Sugar, •Spices, and you can discover more about our product portfolio from our website! We guarantee: •Fast execution of orders, •Attractive prices, •A wide selection, •Worldwide delivery Our products are imported from trusted suppliers and local farms to reach the best quality with excellent taste. With us, you will find unique tastes on your table. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Gristiren Ltd is a leading Greek manufacturer of delicious and healthy cheese analogs and vegan cheese products. Our aim is to provide the best solutions for retail and catering businesses by offering a wide range of products that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Our cheese analogs and vegan cheese products are made from the finest plant-based ingredients, such as soy, nuts, and grains, and are free from dairy, lactose, and other animal products. We are committed to delivering products that not only taste great but are also healthy and environmentally-friendly. Our products are available in a variety of packaging sizes, including blocks, slices, and shredded, to suit the requirements of different applications. Whether you need our products for your restaurant, café, or for retail sales, we have the right packaging size for you. At Gristiren Ltd, we are proud of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which employ the latest technology and equipment to ensure the highest quality standards for our products. We have strict quality control procedures in place to ensure that every product that leaves our facilities meets our rigorous standards of taste, texture, and quality. Whether you are a retailer or a catering business, we have the right product and packaging size to meet your needs. Choose us for the best-tasting, high-quality, and environmentally-friendly cheese analogs and vegan cheese products.



    Established in 2020 in Mersin, Turkey, Tanla GIDA SAN. Ve TIC. LTD. STI. is a cubed tea producer for one of the most searched teas, Energy tea, and we like to call ourselves the new generation healthy tea producer. We produce our teas to help improve the immune system for those who spend their days outdoors and give our young generation tasty and easy access to our fantastic teas. Our herbal tea cubes can be consumed in various places such as workplaces, schools, homes, and where you can find hot water! There are no artificial ingredients such as artificial sweeteners or additives. Our cube teas are produced from plants carefully selected from nature and natural sugar beet. We are aware of the harmful particles that come with tea bags in which plastic bags make nanoparticles combined with plastic drinks. Those harmful particles are stored in the body and harm your body. So we created our cubed teas to prevent those harmful particles and give you a better way of consuming your favorite tea without damaging your body. We have a wide variety of tea selections: atomic stream, rosehip tea, mint and lemon tea, melissa tea, linden tea, and more! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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    Rafi Poland trendsetting Food Store, offering first-rate Certifird Orginal. Natural organic products are healthier knowing that the dietary supplement industry is growing all over the world, and as a result of the ongoing scientific research in order to reach the optimal product free of industrial flavourings, colourings and chemical drugs. TRENDS OF ORGANIC & NATURAL HONEY PRODUCTS : Med Care Golden Royal Honey VIP Ingredients - natural booster supplement for the Testosterone hormone. RADIX EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA (Long Jack): It contains several phytochemicals that have stimulating effect on men’s health and vitality. Natural raw honey produce by world largest bees in Southeast Asia forests. This local raw honey quality is the best in the world as the nutrition is so unique. RADIX PANAX GINSENG: Taking it orally may enhance male fertility as it activates the body system that increases production of some hormones. ROYAL JELLY: It is a highly nutritious dietary supplement rich in protein and anti-stress B Vitamins. HOT SALES : Golden Royal Honey, Black Horse Vital Honey, Organic Honey, Kopi Vitamin Coffee, Black Bull Don’t Quit Royal Honey, Royal Honey For Her, Dose vital Honey, Etumax Vip Royal Honey, Marhaba Royal Honey, Rhino Honey, Royal Honey Power 52, Tongat Ali Power Plus, Xrated Honey for Men, Supplements, Secret Miracle Honey, Honey Bae, Bio Herbs Coffee, Mplus Honey, Hilti Honey. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information !



    A family business with over 50 years of tradition making bakery products and biscuits under the commercial name of Pastas y Bizcochos Gloria. In recent years we have specialized at INACO in natural foods, making organic biscuits and dry pastries under the BELSI brand by selecting the best 100% organically-grown raw materials, wholemeal flours, cereals, nuts and seeds, virgin olive oil and wheat syrup as the sweetener. BELSI organic products provide high fibre content, they are healthy and balanced and endorsed by the CPAEN (Organic Agriculture Production Council of Navarra) under licence no. NA-E0013. Supplier of: dietetics, food | nutrition | pastry goods | organic food | cookies | teatime biscuits | dietary food | madeleines | gastronomic product | dietary pastries | nourishment.



    Ekinoks is a wholesale business that sources and supplies branded goods across the globe. Our dedicated import export team helps our customers, retailers, and manufacturers expand their brand/business locally and across continents. With over ten years of experience in export, we help our customers promote and extend their product range, achieving sales aspirations and growth worldwide. Our services include as follows : •Household cleaning tools, •Sanitary Paper, •Beauty & Personal Care, •Food & Beverage, •Household Chemicals and many more are to be discovered on our website! We operate across continents to deliver your products to the best markets... As Ekinoks, we provide easy and accessible customer service anytime.Our mission is to offer our customers the best and most innovative solutions. That's why we always do our best to prioritize our customers' needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    The anona brand stands for a food company with over 180 years of success. With a commitment to combining tradition with future-oriented technology, anona has developed from a former grain mill into a modern food business. We now develop and produce high-quality innovative food in the areas of wellness and fitness nutrition, sports nutrition and vegan foods as well as ice-cream products. For this we use a pool of over 1500 raw materials. More than 400 employees do everything they can on a daily basis to deal with our high requirements for quality, reliability and customer service in the interests of all our customers – with innovation, precision, expertise and strict quality management. Our products include: Protein bars, oat bars, sports nutrition, ice-cream ingredients, amino acid preparations, beverage concentrates, food supplements, sports drinks, tablets on commission (foodstuffs)



    Kurune Gıda is a professional dried fruit and vegetable producer based in Turkey. We prioritize your health by offering a range of products free of food coloring and additives. Our mission is to inspire healthier choices today for a better tomorrow. Taking advantage of Turkey's diverse climates and fertile soils, we source our products from healthy and high-quality farmers across the country. Our state-of-the-art drying process takes place in a clean, hygienic indoor environment. Using Dry Food Processing Technology, we eliminate the risk of contaminants such as dust, germs and mold. Our products are dried naturally, retaining their natural goodness without being exposed to the sun or enduring outdoor contact. Why choose us? Dried food products provide superior durability and can be stored for long periods of time, making them a versatile alternative for a variety of recipes, snacks, healthy and high-fiber foods for athletes, as well as for camping and travel. At Kurune Food, we emphasize the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients, strict adherence to hygiene rules and proper production methods. Kurune Food offers a wide range of dried fruits and vegetables, all of which are free from food coloring and additives. Our product range caters to different tastes such as apples, strawberries, bananas, oranges, tomatoes and many more healthy fruits and vegetables. For more information, please contact us.



    Ponte Global Trading is a privately-owned trading company with numerous long stretches of involvement with assembling and exchanging Horticulture Food and Refreshments, dispensable clinical items, and sourcing of different items like ac/fridge compressors, used rails HMS 1&2, copper wire, paper scrap, energetic drinks, chicken brown and white fresh eggs, office copy paper, Macadamia Nuts, Red Bulls, Dry baby mackerel. We are continually endeavoring to ensure the inventory of significant items and to give ideal consideration to the present and people in the future. With a continually developing item portfolio and new advancements, we are exceptional in addressing all difficulties. Our product categories : Agricultural Products, Dairy, Fish, and Meat Products, Electronics, Scrap Products, Beverages, Grains, Health & Medical, Nuts And Kernels, Quality Paper Products and many more to be discovered on our website! We do our best daily to improve our customer service to ensure we provide what our customers need for commercial purposes. Today we’re proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Since 2019, HECOSFAIR has specialised in exceptional products, organic products that are fair trade and cruelty-free. This is a fine foods brand with a social conscience, organic, fair trade and respecting animal rights, founded by Herlyne Blaise. The company strives to promote fair trade, organic agriculture and respect for animal rights by buying responsibly, improving the lives of customers, producers and animals. Hecosfair offers what customers are looking for, people who are keen to improve their diet and look after their health and fitness, who want to contribute to the rise of sustainability and protecting the rights of animals. It also works with professionals who are keen to work sustainably by making responsible purchases on behalf of their employees and for their customers. Hecosfair is committed to fighting waste, plastic waste in particular. All packaging is recyclable and glass jars and other containers can be refilled and reused. Hecosfair is a foodtech company dedicated to offering you new ways to consume: - environmentally respectful - ethical - sustainable. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.



    Nutralong Pharmachem Co., Ltd. is a dedicated provider of quality raw ingredients for food and beverage, dietary supplements, and animal nutrition markets. Our range of products includes natural sweeteners, joint health, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts. We comply with EC and FDA regulations and provide solutions and finished products based on clients' needs. As a professional Chondroitin sulfate supplier, we offer all series of Chondroitin with human consumption certificates. Our products are stocked in the EU with a health certificate and lab test report available. We provide not only Chondroitin powder but also Direct Compression (DC) grade and 98%, 95%, and 85% assay. Quality and product assurance are our top priorities. We stay up-to-date with the latest EC and US FDA's regulations and provide quality reports monthly. We have two decades of experience in converting clients concepts into real productions based on 1000+ formulations. We offer varied payment terms to clients with good payment history. We also purchase $2million product liability insurance for all products to protect clients from claims in the subsequent business. We have eight professional warehouses in the US, EU, and China with stable stock for our advantage products to provide prompt delivery. Our 600, 000 ft² logistics service center in China supports us in customizing packings, labels, pallets and containers for clients. Choose us for quality, reliability, and consistency.



    Wilco creates products designed for healthy living, demanding care requirements, inner well-being and harmony. Our aim is to improve people's health through the use of natural products while helping them find their personal balance, enjoy a sense of well-being and be strong in life. To do this, we take advantage of the treasures offered by Mother Nature and use simple, effective formulae with little ballast, made entirely from natural ingredients. All our products are 100% pure, predominantly certified organic and contain no additives.



    For Roger Sarret, a baker's son, producing rusks is above all being able to offer a forgotten sensation, a pleasure before the years of privation, learning again and daring to take delight in those small daily pleasures. Roger is still there 65 years later, his customer base, loyal to quality, has developed and the handcrafted production has expanded without compromising on his quality criteria. We manufacture for retail private label brands. Creation of full service range.



    Laboratoire PYC is a subcontractor for diet products and food supplements. Our business: bespoke development, production and packing under third party brand names. Powders are packed in jars, sachets, doypacks or sticks. Our offer: protein-rich powders, high-protein snacks, replacement meals, sports nutrition products, dietary supplements (slimming, health, nutricosmetics). Bespoke development of clean label, gluten-free or vegan products.



    A Spanish firm specializing in the development of functional food supplements: Gels, chewing-gum, chocolate-flavoured capsules and orodispersible tablets. We are actively looking out for partners all over the world to sell our food supplements under the Saludbox or own brand name. We specialize in the gel format, our manufacturing uses a patented low-temperature process, which guarantees the effectiveness and performance of the ingredients that go into our products' composition.



    ATND Honey is a manufacturer and supplier of natural honey. The family-run ATND Honey company was established in 2018 and has been focused on natural beekeeping, honey production and processing since then. The company sells both large and small amounts of natural product - summer honey. This honey features a unique combination of taste and aroma with excellent organoleptic properties: maturity of the product, intensity, and mouthfeel. ATND Honey harvests honey from its apiaries located at the foothills of the Main Caucasian Range. Our bees collect nectar and pollen from thousands of flowers and inflorescences growing in this environmentally healthy region. The rich diversity of herbs provides the natural honey by ATND Honey with truly unique healing properties. The company's apiary contains over 180 hives producing 5.5-6.5 tons of natural honey per year. The certified production process ensures the high quality of ATND Honey's products. The modern processing facilities powered by solar energy the food safety management system ISO 22000-2018. Certificates, veterinary permits and licenses confirming that the honey meets international quality standards are available. The company sells and packages natural honey solely under the brand ATND Honey Summer. We offer our products in glass jars of 124, 307, 408, 505, and 535 grams.



    We are family-owned company specializing in the culinary industry for 60 years and we are located in Gabrijele in Slovenia. The name of our company is BMM d.o.o., and our pasta production business unit is called Gabaroni. Our company primarily focuses on the production of organic and vegan pasta. Gabaroni, our business unit, has been operating for 5 years but has managed to reach the shelves of major retailers such as Merkator, Lidl, DM, Spar, and other smaller stores in a short period. We produce pasta from organic wheat, spelt, buckwheat, and kamut flour, with additions of Swiss chard, beetroot, nettle, and charcoal. However, what sets us apart and makes us different from other companies is our production of legume-based pasta, specifically using red lentils, chickpeas, peas, and black beans. In 2019, we were awarded for the most innovative food in the pasta category, specifically for our organic fusilli made from red lentils and chickpeas. Our aim is to offer our customers the best and healthiest products. Therefore, all our pasta is made without salt, sugar, additional cheaper flours, or any unnecessary additives. In the future, Gabaroni strives to continue producing the best pasta and satisfy the cravings of our most demanding customers. We would be delighted to have our products on your shelves as well.



    Įmonė LABORATOIRE SPLP, – tai Fabbricante/ Produttore, veikianti Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai pramonės šakoje. Ji taip pat veikia food additives, Capsules, Soft capsules, Bespoke soft capsules, Capsule packing, Soft capsule packing, Capsule shaping, Blister packing, bei Pill box packing pramonės šakose. Įmonė įsikūrusi Châtillon-Sur-Chalaronne, Prancūzija.

  1. FRDP


    Įmonė FRDP, – tai Fabbricante/ Produttore, veikianti Vaisiai, šaldyti ir sušaldyti pramonės šakoje. Ji taip pat veikia Daržovės, šaldytos ir sušaldytos, Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai, Daržovės, šaldytos ir sušaldytos, Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai, Deep-frozen organic herbs, Deep-frozen organic condiments, Deep-frozen organic fruit, Deep-frozen organic dried vegetables, bei Deep-frozen organic preparations and purées pramonės šakose. Įmonė įsikūrusi Avignon, Prancūzija.



    Įmonė BHI BIOHEALTH INTERNATIONAL GMBH, – tai Fabbricante/ Produttore, veikianti Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai pramonės šakoje. Įmonė įsikūrusi Münchberg, Vokietija.



    Įmonė NEWTEC MINCEUR, – tai Grossista, veikianti Savijauta ir formos atstatymas pramonės šakoje. Ji taip pat veikia Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai, bei Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai pramonės šakose. Įmonė įsikūrusi Orléans, Prancūzija.



    Įmonė BARGY UKRAINE, – tai Fabbricante/ Produttore, veikianti Sveikata - maisto produktai pramonės šakoje. Ji taip pat veikia Savijauta ir formos atstatymas, Baltymai - maistiniai priedai, Vitaminai ir provitaminai, Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai, Maisto produktai - importas-eksportas, healthy and natural food, energy bars, vegan food, bei Nutritional foods pramonės šakose. Įmonė įsikūrusi Kyiv, Ukraina.



    Įmonė LABORATOIRES PHYTOCEUTIC, – tai Fabbricante/ Produttore, veikianti Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai pramonės šakoje. Įmonė įsikūrusi Frejus, Prancūzija.



    Įmonė MAES HONEY SL, – tai Fabbricante/ Produttore, veikianti Medus pramonės šakoje. Ji taip pat veikia Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai, Sveikata - maisto produktai, Bitininkystė ir šilkininkystė, Importas - eksportas, žemės ūkio produkcija, honey, Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai, Sveikata - maisto produktai, honey, bei Bitininkystė ir šilkininkystė pramonės šakose. Įmonė įsikūrusi Aldeatejada-Salamanca, Ispanija.



    Įmonė VIJAYA - SAS JEAN LOUIS BOYERE, – tai Grossista, veikianti Džiovinti vaisiai pramonės šakoje. Ji taip pat veikia Aliejiniai produktai, Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai, Sąžininga prekyba, Organinė žemdirbystė, Maisto produktai, Biologija - maisto produktai, Vaisiai ir daržovės - importas-eksportas, Vaisiai, džiovinti, bei Aliejiniai produktai pramonės šakose. Įmonė įsikūrusi Montenay, Prancūzija.



    Įmonė OXYGENE, – tai Distributore, veikianti Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai pramonės šakoje. Ji taip pat veikia Maisto priedai, Maistiniai emulsikliai, Maisto priedai, bei Maistiniai emulsikliai pramonės šakose. Įmonė įsikūrusi Fouras, Prancūzija.



    Įmonė AWA SECRETS, – tai Grossista, veikianti Biologiniai kosmetikos gaminiai pramonės šakoje. Ji taip pat veikia Kosmetiniai produktai, Prieskoniai, Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai, natural cosmetics, natural-based cosmetics, craft production, beauty products, body care products, bei beauty products for the face pramonės šakose. Įmonė įsikūrusi Nanterre, Prancūzija.



    Įmonė SARL PIVERT, – tai Grossista, veikianti Keksai pramonės šakoje. Ji taip pat veikia Sausainiai ir sausieji pyragai, Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai, Sausainių kepyklos, Sausainiai ir sausieji pyragai, Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai, Sausainių kepyklos, Biscuits without added sugar, healthy biscuits, bei rich biscuits pramonės šakose. Įmonė įsikūrusi La Fouillade, Prancūzija.



Dietiniai ir naturalūs maisto produktai - Importas–eksportas

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