The "Castello di Roncade" is one of the most characteristic symbols of rural culture in Veneto society. It is situated in a welcoming, sunny village near Treviso, and just minutes away from the province of Venice. Going inside Roncade Castle is to enter an enchanting, fairy-tale world. This majestic Renaissance construction faithfully reflects the architectural characteristics of ancient times, and vestiges of its original fortifications have withstood the test of time. The castle’s rooms are the ideal location for business meetings, seminars and conferences. However it is on the occasion of weddings and other celebrations or events that the outside arcades, both lounges located above the cellars and the main room best exert the full breadth of their power of suggestion.In addition to hosting events, we have wonderful apartments to accommodate our visitors, who can stay in the castle with breakfast service. We also produce excellent quality vines in our own cellars.

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