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BASK Company Ltd. is Russian research and production company (brand exists since 1992). Our specialty is production of sportswear and equipment for outdoor activities, extreme weather conditions and sports (ski clothes, hiking clothes, climbing clothes, hiking - equipment and accessories). Production is represented by 6 collections and product lines: •Beyond the Polar Circe. Apparel for the harshest weather conditions, capable to protect of cold to -40°С and even below. •BaskCity. Winter apparel for city, that will provide you with comfort and style in cold season. •BASK kids, BASK juno. Functional collection of сhildrenswear, available to keep their owners warm during winter. •Expert. Collection for true valuers of outdoor activities. Created in cooperation with professional sportsmen for maximum effectivity achievement. •BASK Adventure. Apparel and equipment, including storm clothing (vests, mountain jackets, waterproof clothing), sweaters, sleeping bags, rucksacks, tents and marquees). •Accessories. Hats, mittens and gloves, socks and other important details to complete defense in cold season.

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Choose a name for Snow Leopard kittens.

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March 22nd in Buryatia, Russia two little kittens of Snow Leopard were caught in camera trap. BASK Company Ltd together with Irbis Fond ( initiated name choose for them. Until March 29th anyone can suggest a name for one male and one female kitten in our Instagram account (@baskcompany). Name election will be based on likes quantity. Video of them is available on Youtube (


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