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For over 20 years, the team at A&J Tecno Innovacions S.L. have been designing, manufacturing and selling industrial machinery, notably ultrasonic cleaners, across the country and around the world. We have always been known for our commitment to R&D and our constant determination to reduce the environmental impact and energy footprint of each application, without ever compromising on results. We manufacture machinery for businesses around the world.

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PRO Series - Ultrasonic cleaning for engine overhaul. Engine

Naujas kliento atsiliepimas ・ 2020-11-25 daugiau Open In New icon

In workshop cleaning of a diesel engine block, pistons and engine heads as part of an overhauling process of a mining truck diesel engine. The ultrasonic cleaning process of the engine block and the rest of the parts is done automatically and has resulted in great savings in time, labor, electrical energy and detergent consumption. In addition, BRIO's exclusive technology provides a total cleaning of the parts in all its geometry, achieving a cleaning finish impossible to achieve with other cleaning systems. Our customer has improved its engine parts cleaning process thanks to our ultrasonic cleaning machine. The machine is sized according to their needs and serves them to clean both the largest engine blocks with which they work as well as pieces of different sizes grouped according to the capacity of the machine. In the video, we see how the machine performs a complete ultrasonic cleaning of pistons, cylinder heads and engine block in the same cycle.


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