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Kalsedon Stone is a leading manufacturer specializing in producing high-quality Artificial Cultured Stone & Brick from Ankara, Turkey. We offer a range of products, including Brick and Stone Systems, with various styles and textures to suit different design needs, as well as Panel Systems. Our products are versatile and used for interior and exterior wall cladding in various settings, including home decoration, villas, landscapes, apartments, hotels, parks, golf courses, pubs, cafes, entertainment venues, residential halls, and more. Our wide portfolio is renowned for its remarkable features, including waterproofing, fire resistance, sound absorption, and heat insulation, making them energy-efficient and lightweight. They weigh only ½ or 1/3 the weight of the natural stone. At Kalsedon Stone, we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. Therefore, we strive to promptly respond to and resolve any inquiries or requests from our clients about our expanded services to enhance our offerings. Our products have met international quality and durability standards, making us a reliable partner for artificial cultured Stone & Brick. We export our products worldwide, and Kalsedon Stone is your one-stop destination for high-quality artificial cultured stone & brick. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or explore our product range on our website.


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Saray Mah. Saraykent San. Sit. 45. Sok. No: 8 Kahramankazan / ANKARA

06980 Kahramankazan/ankara - Turkija


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