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The main product of our company is wooden I-Joist (SK Beam®). Our beams, for many years years, are successfully used as floors, rafters and frame elements in civil and industrial construction. Karkas Komplekt LLC offers modern wooden floors and truss systems based on I-beams (SK Beam®) with a web made of OSB and flanges made of LVL, manufactured at its own production in the Moscow region. Our company has been operating on the market for over thirteen years and is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of wooden I-beams in Russia and Europe. The mission and goal of our company is to promote Canadian technology for the production of I-beams on the Russian and European markets, control and improve the quality of the structure produced. For this purpose we use Nascor technology and purchase materials only from the best Russian and foreign manufacturers. All our products are EU certified, and have successfully passed all strength tests; an international system of product testing was developed and implemented. All products have passed not only the certification process in Russia and the European Union, but were additionally tested in well-known laboratories for non-combustibility and strength and demonstrated excellent results. All tests and certificates only confirmed the high quality of our products.

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