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We are a company specialised in import-export, trading and business opportunities on an international scale. Our areas of expertise include raw materials, high-tech solutions, defence and security, environmental research and development, and the airport sector. The very essence of KREA-COGITO © stems from our desire to bring together and satisfy buyers and sellers operating in the areas of raw materials, high-tech solutions, defence, environmental research and development, and airports. Originally, our aim was to support the commercial development of companies specialised in import-export of high-tech solutions, especially businesses from Asia. As we gained experience and had cross-cultural exchanges, it became obvious that there was a need to secure the trust of various stakeholders in commercial distribution. We aspire to establish long-term business relationships with our customers, providers and partners by basing our approach on mutual trust, transparent communication and mutual respect. Our objective is to gain recognition for our ability to identify and address our customers' specific needs by providing them with products and services tailored to their particular requirements.


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6 chemin du pressoir

94130 Nogent-Sur-Marne - Prancūzija


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