Q-Nonwovens BV is specialized in nonwovens and nonwoven-based products such as spunbonded nonwovens, meltblown, needlepunched nonwovens, laminated or coated nonwovens based on the following raw materials: Polypropylene (PP), virgin Polyester (PET), recycled Polyester (PET), Bioplastic (PLA) and BICO. We provide commission converting. We offer the following:

Application: Garden Retail
- Premium weedcontrol fabric
- Premium geo fabric
- Rootbarrier
- Sandpit fabric
- BioFabric (biodegradable)
- Hemp fabric (100% natural fibers)

We supply our products either in rolls or in pre-packs, with coloured label, and if required in a product display.

Application: Water Gardening
- Stoneliner, for the decoration of ponds
- PVC Pondliner
- Underlayment

Application: Landscaping
- Weedcontrol fabric
- Geo fabric

Application: Agriculture
- Crop cover fleece in widths up to 25m wide, with reinforced edge
- Sugar beet cover fleece

Application: Secondairy Carpet Backing
- PP Spunbonded nonwoven
- PET Spunbonded nonwoven
- PET Needlepunched nonwovens (either virgin or recycled fibers)

Application: Bedding
- PP Spunbond
- PET Spunbond
- Pressure divider nonwoven
- Wool/Polyester mix thermobonded nonwoven

Application: Filtration
- PP Spunbond
- PET Spunbond

Application: Medical
- PP spunbond
- PET spunbond
- PP Meltblown

Application: Cable
- Polyester binding and separation tapes

Please feel free to contact us in case of any enquiry of challenge you may have.

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  • PP spunbond
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  • PVC liner
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