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Temkom Elektronik A.S (Temkom Electronics Inc) is found in 2007. We have been mainly in importing exporting business of consumer electronics for years. For five years, we have been researching biomass technologies. We are a manufacturer of wooden pellets with our developed technologies focused mainly on ecological and %100 pure environmental and efficient manufacturing processes. Our wood pellet can contract for a long period. As Temkom our wooden bio pellet, wood pellet production in a1 EN plus quality. Sawdust Wood dust dryer patented technology continuously drys without any change in the composition of the wood structure. We also produce pine pellets, birch pellets, birch wooden briquette, and more! Our dryer can work with both pellet/coal/gas/wood. A1 EN plus quality output assured. Wood dust is dried with the water heater. No smoke or high heat is contacted wood dust with the help of our technology. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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