VULKAN is an owner-managed company which brings together a team of both experienced and newly qualified designers, technicians, craftsmen and businessmen under the same roof. We are a specialist supplier of high-quality products made from heat-resistant stainless steels for industrial requirements. From the analysis of the relevant operating conditions to consultancy, conceptual design and subsequent production, right through to ongoing maintenance, we offer you integrated and comprehensive services. In line with our philosophy to always meet your requirements to the best of our ability, we endeavour, as part of an intensive and long-term cooperation with you – our customers – to continually optimise our services, to provide you with expert support in solving specific problems and to supply you exclusively with products of the very highest processing quality.

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  • Šiluminio apdorojimo krosnys
  • Ugniai atsparios medžiagos ir gaminiai
  • Heat-resistant cast iron
  • Salt bath pot
  • Spare parts for hardening furnaces
  • Steel casting, heat-resistant
  • Annealing bells
  • Annealing and hardening muffles
  • Charging racks
  • Heat-resistant cast steel
  • Stainless steel instruments and containers
  • Conveyor belts for industrial ovens
  • Rust- and acid-resistant cast steel
  • stainless steel
  • stainless steel sheets
  • steel pipes
  • Stainless-steel pipe bends
  • cast-steel

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